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Expats leaving Hong Kong 'due to lack of schools'

Posted on 9th Jan 2012 in International Banking

Expats with young families may be deciding to quit their lives in Hong Kong and move to another part of the world as a result of the country's lack of available schools.

Christopher Hammerbeck, executive director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, stated it is a fact there is a shortage of places at international schools in Hong Kong at the present time, reports the Daily Telegraph.

He told the news provider this "is a measure of the dramatic success of Hong Kong as one of the world's leading trade and financial centres".

Harrow International School and Kellett, a pair of new international schools, are opening in 2012 and could ease the problem for expats with international banking accounts.

Shelter Offshore recently recommended Rory Boland's Living Abroad in Hong Kong title for anyone considering a move to the Asian nation, with areas such as the New Territories, Kowloon, and even the Outlying Islands recommended.

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